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Algarve Design Meeting 2017

MAPA is on: 7º Algarve Design Meeting. For the first time MAPA – Design Gallery will present a collection of original works of 5 designers x 5 photographs. The exhibition called Fototypes is part of the 7th Algarve Design Meeting that will take place at the Fábrica da Cerveja (Beer Factory) in Faro from May 20 to 27, 2017.

Fototypes is an Instagram project, which aims to show photographic records about the theme of typography, lettering or calligraphy, existing in different places and applied in various media and communication products, and which we consider Important contributions for its quality in the graphic / typographic heritage or aesthetic and historical references of the cultural memory of the cities. Due to the evolution of communication, brands and their dynamics, much of this heritage disappeared or lost its original communication function. In this way and considering the importance of this visual collection, this project also has as objective the preservation and presentation of this cultural heritage, contributing to its study and enjoyment. Stay tuned.

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